Scoop Exl, innovative high-quality Ferno stretcher

Scoop Exl, innovative high-quality Ferno stretcher

Scoop Exl is one of Ferno’s most important products. An exceptional stretcher able to hold the patient safely in a variety of situations and above all capable of providing absolute comfort thanks to its scoop shape, which adapts perfectly to every physical requirement. The ergonomic shape of the stretcher allows the injured person to lie in a comfortable and correct position. Such a light, convenient and highly technological product, which is so flexible and easy to use, lessens the burden for the paramedic who has to transfer and immobilise a patient. 


Main characteristics


  1. Made of high-density plastic polymers with structure in Ferno aluminium
  2. Twin Safety Lock (TSL) strap system




    Folds up and splits into 2-4 parts.Adjustable length up to 2010 mm.

  5. Suitable for diagnostic X-rays and MRI.


    Certified for immobilisation in the event of multiple traumas.


    Easy to clean


    Compatible for use with rapid unlock straps.


    Certified UNI EN 1865.


    Colours: yellow, red, green and grey

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