Caution with selenium

Caution with selenium

In recent years selenium has been used to prevent various types of heart disease, butaccording to research carried out by a group of cardiologists from the University of Warwick (UK), there is no proof of its beneficial effects.

According to British scientists at the University of Warwick, there is little point in taking selenium to prevent heart disease or type 2 diabetes, but it is not harmful either. This study tries to debunk the mythical preventative effects of selenium on heart disease.

Selenium, a main ingredient in the food supplements market, is not enough to avoid the risk of heart disease as previously incautiously believed. The cardiologists analysed 20,000 people, selecting from a wide range 12 specific studies on people who had taken selenium over a precise timespan. The results: no concrete proof of it being a substance capable of giving definite beneficial effects for our organism.

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