Environmental migrants: the last illusion. Ulaan Baator, Mongolia.

Asia, Mongolia. 18/03/2011. In the photo, 29-year-old Erdene Tuya hauls a sheep lost for the dzud to a small burial ground close to their yurt (gher). In Mongolia’s Arkhangai province, the Tsamba family lives on the edge, struggling through harsh winters alongside their herd of sheep. Severe winter conditions, known as dzud, have been responsible for the deaths of half the family’s once 2,000-strong herd over the past three winters. Recently, in search of warmer pastures, the Tsambas moved from Bulgan province in the north to this region near a central Mongolian village called Ulziit. Only in 2010, during one of the harsher Dzuds, more than 8 million sheep, cows, horses and camels died in Mongolia so 39,000 herdsmen had no choice but to migrate towards Ulan Bator.