Flooding Leeds Yorkshire

Date Images taken : 11-06-2012

What: Flooding:
Flash Flooding fell upon east Leeds to the areas of Swillington and Garforth with literally feet of water falling within a half hour period.
Fire services raced to one area of Swillington known as Neville Grove as wall of water raced from nearby fields flooding homes leaving residents trapped in homes, roads became impassable to the area with even the M1 motorway closed as flood water submerged the carriage way .
One resident described how the sky just turned black, it went from day to night and the rains were like a monsoon, then without warning a wave of water washed in from fields off Swillington lane, there was no time to save anything, we had several feet of water cascading in to our homes within seconds , you could not escape as the water was like a raging river, everything down stairs is gone, there was no even time to move cars, all we could do was run upstairs.
Fire services deployed a high volume pumping appliance from the national flood reserve as fire-fighters evacuated residents in fear of a second wave of water, many took to upstairs rooms In fear as the flood water raged straight through homes, Fire-Fighters worked to pump away the remaining water but around a dozen homes have lost contents to downstairs rooms.
Problems were caused by nearby roads becoming flooded with appliances having to make long detours to the only remaining open road to reach the village.
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photographer: Mark Readman – BPPA.
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