Corpo de Bombeiros realiza estágio de salvamento veicular


Firefighters representing 15 cities in the region of Presidente Prudente participate in Monday of the Vehicle Rescue Stage (17) and Tuesday (18), to receive technical safety training on serious accidents involving people trapped in hardware. The internship is directed to soldiers, corporal and sergeants of the Fire Department. 

The classes, lasting eight hours each day, will be taught by Lieutenant Cláudio Aranda Selverio, assisted by Lieutenant Tiago Regis Franco de Almeida, in Presidente Prudente. After applying the content, representatives of the corporations should pass on the teachings to the other firefighters.

About nine cars will be used during the internship. Deputy Lieutenant Marcos Bratifisch explains that in previous courses, professionals learned how to make quick entry into vehicles by cutting doors and roof to remove the victims. “Now, they will be guided on the fastest access points, to provide more precise help through a ‘map of the fragility of vehicles’,” he details. Training also involves the use of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical materials.

Representatives of Presidente Prudente, Rancharia, Presidente Venceslau, Martinópolis, Mirante do Paranapanema, Teodoro Sampaio, Presidente Epitácio, Santo Anastácio, Rosana, Junqueirópolis, Dracena, Osvaldo Cruz, Adamantina, Euclides da Cunha and Pirapozinho are part of the stage.

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