Sierra Rescue. In California at the technical rescue training centre with expert instructors

Sierra Rescue. In California at the technical rescue training centre with expert instructors

Sierra Rescue is located in Taylorsville, California, and is specialised in the training of rescuers for extreme conditions. Courses deal with rescue in swift water, wilderness areas, rope training and rescue involving animals. Bespoke training is also available with specific courses designed to client demand.

Courses are aimed at operators who already have a certain level of experience in the field of technical rescue, so participants tend to be mainly firefighters, SAR (Search and Rescue) workers, who are used to operating in particularly difficult-to-reach areas, as well as coastguards, sheriffs and other people of authority.

Sierra Rescue boast 25 years’ experience and its courses are designed as an opportunity for perfecting and increasing one’s level of training.

The website contains all the details you might need: the type of courses on offer, a calendar of appointments, availability and course fees. You can read the biographies of the individual instructors, see who has attended the school and read testimonials written directly by participants. There is also a well-stocked gallery of photos which give a concrete idea of what Sierra Rescue actually offers its participants. 

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