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Emergency Live and EMSpedia are specialized media dedicated to people operating in the emergency sector, to anyone who want to improve the emergency services all around the world.
You can send your contribution about public safety research, EMS studies, Case Report, rescue operation or prevention and management of accidents that happen naturally or as a result of human error to our Editor’s desk.
Even though few of the daily efforts undertaken by these professionals reaches the headlines, most of what goes on is known only to those actually taking part in the rescue (the life savers themselves and those whose lives are saved). Therefore no-one is better placed than you to give credit and attract the sort of attention that these people and their actions deserve.
You can also recount your own personal experience of specific incidents or with certain emergency life-saving aids. Our editor will help you to create suitable content for the magazine.
Fill in the from below, please indicate the title of your article. We will contact you as soon as possible for the pubblication.