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Do you know the weirdest facts about the ambulances? Emergency Live reveals you exciting stories about relief around the world. Funny things on people and rescue actions.

Childhood obesity: risk factors

Childhood obesity is a problem of considerable social importance: a child who eats too much will also, in all likelihood, be an 'obese adult', with a greater possibility of complications (diabetes, hypertension, motor difficulties,…

Couperose: what is it?

Couperose is a form of chronic dermatitis of a benign nature that predominantly affects the face resulting in a 'red cheek' appearance

Nutrition in winter: what is important to know

It is also important that the diet in winter follows a healthy regimen, based on seasonal products. Which foods to prefer and how to regulate yourself during the coldest season of the year? Nutrition: because we eat more in winter The…

What is detox and why is it important

After the Christmas holidays, one hears the word 'detox' mentioned more and more often on TV and in the various media, in connection with various activities to get back into shape and regain a perfect mental and physical balance But what…