Pronounced dead, man comes back to life after 45 minutes

Pronounced dead, man comes back to life after 45 minutes

The scene took place in West Carrollton, Ohio. A man pronounced dead, 45 minutes after his heart had stopped beating, comes back to life to the surprise of the doctors, who cannot explain why it happened.

At the centre of the story is 37-year-old mechanic Tony Yahle who, only 5 days after the miraculous event, has been discharged from hospital. Dr. Raja Nazir, who looked after Tony while he was in hospital, says: “In the last 20 years, I’ve never seen anybody we have pronounced dead … and then for him to come back … I’ve never seen it”.


The strange thing is that they have found nothing wrong with his heart; it appears that a viral infection might have been to blame

Lawrence, Yahle’s son, says he’d talked to his father before he revived: “I pointed at him and said, ‘Dad, you’re not going to die today!’ I stood there for a few more seconds. I was about to walk back to comfort the family, and that’s when he started showing signs of a heartbeat.”

An incredible story from America that shows how sometimes miracles can really happen.

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