Are you a Good Samaritan?

It’s been a busy day. On the way home you notice a small knot of people gathered around a middle-aged person, prostrate on the pavement. The bystanders look uncertain of what to do. Do you stop and help?. Now there’s a new app: the GoodSAM App from Uk

The speed at which lifesaving care can be delivered varies incredibly in the world over. The UK has some of the fastest ambulance response times in the world, however in London, a first responder only arrives within 8 minutes to an immediate life threatening calls 70% of the time and outside of London, this is only achieved in 50% of calls. In such events this can be too late; irreparable brain and heart damage can occur within a couple of minutes. When patients suffer a head injury they often stop breathing although their brain is actually not itself injured. Opening an airway and basic life support can radically alter the outcome for these patients. The problem has been finding people who can do this, alerting them and rapidly getting them to the patients.

There are of course thousands of people with such skills, off duty doctors, nurses, policeman, first aiders are all “Good Samaritans” who simply are unaware of the emergency going on next door or outside their building. The Good SAM App is the technology that can notify these people and help the person in need.
Who Are We?
Good SAM is a community of people – Good Samaritans – happy to assist if they are the closest person to an emergency. They are trained in first aid and may have additional skills. They can maintain an airway, help stop bleeding and if necessary help perform life saving high quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
What Are The Apps ?
We are publishing two applications which are the GoodSAM Alerter and GoodSAM Responder. The GoodSAM Alerter uses the locational services to track the location of the person in need of a help; after a call is triggered, we know exactly where the person is located. On the other hand the GoodSAM Responder continuously send locational updates to our server in order to allow the location of volunteer doctor/first-aider to be tracked so they can be notified if there is any emergencies occurring around them. For more information please refer to “”.
What Countries Are Supported ? Our aim is to potentially cover all the large cities around the globe; however the initial launch will be in London.




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