How could change ambulance services in Kentucky

Emergency care could start his changes in Owensboro. In Kentucky Officials are considering restructuring all the ambulances management in the city. The idea is to build among all the system, a public ambulance service, made by a public society. Everything could change in the United States healthcare system, so Steve Mithcell, Owensboro Fire Chief, decide to talk about this problem:

“We’ve been working on this study for 10 months, and a lot of that shifting took place during that study. We consider eight different ways to manage ambulance service in Owensboro, ranging from public-private partnerships to those run by the city or hospitals. It is my job to have a contingency plan at all times to serve the community at all times. We need to improve changes in health care, caused by the Affordable Care Act.  One of those changes is shifting more home care provided by EMS crews”.
“There’s some home health care now- continue in his exposition Mithcell – you’ll see that increase two or three fold, where people are treated in their own homes, as opposed to going to the ER”.
Currently, the city has a deal with Yellow Ambulance that’s renewed annually, but ends in 2018.
“We want some type of enhanced system,” Mitchell adds. “We want the best possible, cost effective means to services to the customers. We want good response times.”



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