Italy: ambulance worker suspected of killing people for money has been arrested

Patients were killed by pulmonary embolism. The rescuers Davide Garofalo has been arrested. He’s suspected of 3 episodes. Othter 2 are suspected to be involved in the criminal activity.

PALERMO – The italian police arrested yesterday in Catania (Sicily) a rescuer suspected of killing patients during the ambulance transport to earn money from funeral parlour.  The man, Davide Garofalo, is alleged to made an incredible procedure: he decide to inject air into the veins of terminally ill patients, during the travel from hospital to their homes. He is said to have been paid €300 for each corpse. Italian media have dubbed it the “ambulances of death” scandal, thanks to an interview realized by “Le Iene” show, to a rependant who see the activity realized during a mission with the ambulance crew. The ambulance worker is charged with intentionally homicide and it is suspected to be part of a mafious group.


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