Leading ambulance manufacturers in the world

A Critical Sector for Health Emergencies

Ambulances play a crucial role in providing timely assistance and managing patients in the global landscape of health emergencies. Ambulance manufacturing companies continuously innovate the construction and supply of advanced vehicles to address a wide range of medical needs. Below are some of the major companies dominating the ambulance sector worldwide.

Crestline Coach Ltd. and Braun Industries

Crestline Coach Ltd. is renowned for its excellent production of these vehicles and emergency vehicles located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Founded in 1975, Crestline serves more than 30 nations worldwide, distinguishing itself through constant innovation and investment in the production of vehicles of narrow excellence. The range of ambulances offered ensures safety and reliability in emergency situations.

Braun Industries, Inc. is another leading company located in Ohio, USA. Founded in 1972, Braun Industries is famous for manufacturing customized these vehicles. Focusing on quality, safety, and innovation, Braun Industries provides ambulances to various sectors from public to private use.

REV Group and WAS

As the name suggests, REV Group is a manufacturer of specialty vehicles based in Wisconsin, USA. The company is organized into sections including commercial, fire and emergency, recreational, and more.

WAS, headquartered in Germany, is distinguished by excellent technological innovations. The company recently delivered the first fully electric ambulance in the 5-ton GVW category. The timeline includes expanding business operations also into Europe, the Gulf region, Asia, and parts of Africa.

Demers-Braun-Crestline and Auto Zone UAE

Demers-Braun-Crestline is one of the largest North American organizations for ambulance manufacturing. DBC was formed through the merger of Demers Ambulances and Braun Industries. With a presence in over 20 countries, the organization is known for quality and continuous innovation in ambulance production.

Auto Zone UAE is a major ambulance manufacturing company based in the United Arab Emirates founded in 2012. The company is known for unparalleled customization in designing excellent ambulances and introducing cutting-edge technology. The company’s ability to collaborate with top-notch institutions and produce vehicles according to customer requirements makes it a leading company in the ambulance sector in the region. Dominated by companies committed to producing safe, reliable, and technologically advanced ambulances, the sector continuously responds to the requirements of emergencies worldwide, maintaining the need for life-saving ambulances ready to go.


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