LiquidSpring™ LLC - New CLASS® technology for suspensions


LiquidSpring™ LLC, Lafayette, Indiana, in June 2016, will introduce its CLASS® (Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System) suspension to motorhome manufacturers that use the Ford F-53 chassis.

CLASS® suspensions provide new and revolutionary technology which significantly improves ride, handling, safety, plus an overall improved driving experience.  These characteristics are the result of changing spring stiffness and damping instantaneously over a very broad range and without driver intervention.  This capability is truly unique and differentiates CLASS®technology from other suspensions.  Additionally, the system, automatically load levels chassis to compensate for load imbalance due to variations in payload distribution.  CLASS® replaces/eliminates conventional vehicle springs and shock absorbers.

CLASS® achievements are a result of:  (1) utilizing a compressible liquid for both the spring and damping; (2) an ECU continually processing vehicle data (speed, steering, height, brake) up to 1,000 times per second; (3) software algorithms programmed in the ECU control hydraulic valves.  CLASS® F-53 motorhome utilizes a 5-link suspension on the rear axle.

Additional benefits of the technology include:

  • Less vibrations/forces into the vehicle
  • Less maintenance for rattles/cabinetry noise
  • Less maintenance for audio/video equipment
  • Longer vehicle life
  • Higher vehicle resale value
  • Less driver fatigue

LiquidSpring CLASS® suspensions are widely and extensively used in the EMS (Emergency Medical Service) ambulance market wherein ride, comfort, and vehicle stability for safety are critically important.

Motorhomes are particularly deserving of a LiquidSpring CLASS® suspension due to their significant mass and high center of gravity, which can cause excessive body roll, less than desired stability, and driver fatigue.  By mitigating these problems, LiquidSpring LLC anticipates significant demand for its F-53 suspension.

For more information contact LiquidSpring™ LLC, 3416 Rascal Drive, Lafayette, IN 47909.  Phone: 756-474-7816; Fax: 756-474-7826.  Website:


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