S.O.S. first-aiders and "first-aided". St. John Ambulance hunting for real-life stories

Another unusual initiative from St. John Ambulance, the historical British first aid association that is known in every corner of the planet and is particularly active in promoting first aid across the country.

With this in mind, Graham Henry, Regional Director, in charge of St. John training, calculated that every year, in the areas of Yorkshire and Humberside alone, hundreds of people attend first aid courses. Many people have experienced rescues or assistance either as a first-aider or as the person being treated as a result of being involved in road traffic accidents or other dangerous situations. He thought that it may make sense to tell these stories, precisely because they were lived in the first person.

Every citizen is therefore invited to describe their own experience so that in time it may go to make up a story of first aid in the community, thereby encouraging others to attend the courses.

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