The future of ambulance transport: SUV600

The all-new Supacat Utility Vehicle 600 (SUV 600) has taken a production standard Land Rover Discovery 4×4 and adapted it for use in the Emergency Services and wider utility sectors. The additional third axle increases the payload capacity and the physical space on offer to allow heavier and larger systems to be fitted in order to broaden the usability of the vehicle. The Supacat SUV 600 offers an up to date, capable, efficient and cost-effective solution to operators of specialist and utility vehicle fleets who have a specific requirement that cannot be met by existing off-the-shelf utility vehicles. Operators will benefit from the delivery of an up to date automotive base platform, providing ride and handling commensurate with today’s demands whilst gaining the capability and flexibility not currently present across the market place at this size and weight. Whilst initially aimed at the Fire and Rescue Services, Supacat are developing other variants of the SUV 600 to meet emerging requirements in other sectors.

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