VIDEO - Miami ambulance collide with Fire Truck

On Tuesday afternoon in Miami was reported a terrifing crash between a Fire Truck and an Ambulance. A New video released in the past time shows four angles of the crash. The Fire Truck are from the Miami Department of Fire Rescue. The crash was reported last Tuesday afternoon at Northwest 12th Avenue and Northwest 14th Street, a few blocks west of Jackson Memorial Hospital. The fire truck was on its way to a call when it crashed into an ambulance that was also on a call. The video shows the ambulance run a red light before crashing into the fire truck, which immediately overturned. Both vehicles had its emergency lights and sirens on.The crash remains under investigation.

Sky 10 was above the scene as the fire truck was on its side. The impact was strong enough to tip the 40,000 pound fire truck on its side. The front part of the ambulance was sheared off, and a third car was hit when the fire truck spun out.

Twelve people were taken to the hospital, including seven firefighters, who were on board both fire-rescue vehicles. A grandmother and two children, who were inside the ambulance, were also taken to the hospital, as were two people in the car.


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