Drones: Upcoming RDN Exercises in Emilia Romagna and Puglia

A qualitative leap forward in volunteer training and testing of U-space services with TopView’s Thumb Drone Tracker

On February 24, two very important Exercises will be held by Rescue Drones Network Odv Section Emilia Romagna at Monte Orsano – Villa Minozzo (RE) and Section Puglia at Belvedere di Caranna – Cisternino (BR). The purposes of these Exercises will be many and all extremely valuable, including increasing the training level of the Volunteers by applying standardized operating procedures in order to improve the response and coordination of the various Departments in case of participation in real operational activities, conducting joint activities, where possible, with local Authorities present in addition to Bodies and Associations operating in the field of Civil Protection and volunteering and much more.

But the even more important aspect is RDN OdV’s experimentation with the use of U-space services provided by D-Flight, including the Network Remote ID service implemented through the TopView Company’s Thumb Drone Tracker.

This device, used for drone tracking, is integrated directly with the D-Flight portal. The testing of U-space services by Rescue Drone Network OdV during exercises enriches the pool of demonstration activities of the SESAR U-elcome project by supporting the potential and efficiency of such services for drone operations in complex environments.

A great opportunity with TopView remembering that Rescue Drones Network OdV is one of the few Civil Defense Volunteer Associations that sit at the technical table with ENAC for the continuous development of the world of UAS.

For more information: Rescue Drone Network.

EDIT: Due to bad weather, the exercise in Apulia will be postponed to March 02, 2024.

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