INTERSCHUTZ USA set to debut in the fall of 2020

Deutsche Messe AG is launching a new American edition of its proprietary INTERSCHUTZ USA trade fair. October 2020 will see the debut of the fire and rescue services tradeshow in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

INTERSCHUTZ USA – The United States is an important market for firefighting technology and this will be reflected during the world-leading INTERSCHUTZ trade fair in Hannover, Germany, in June 2020, where the U.S. will be featured as the Partner Country on the 18th of that month.

Hannover, Germany. After entering into partnerships with Australian, Italian and Chinese trade fairs, the Deutsche Messe group of companies is now launching its own, fully proprietary INTERSCHUTZ trade fair in a foreign market: “INTERSCHUTZ USA” is the name of the new event devoted to the North American firefighting equipment and safety/security sector. “Our new commitment in the U.S. represents an expansion of INTERSCHUTZ’s worldwide network and allows us to occupy a key market with our strong brand,” reported Dr. Andreas Gruchow, member of Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board, adding: “While our foreign trade fairs are closely aligned with regional market conditions and needs, our Hannover-based INTERSCHUTZ – the world’s flagship fair – focuses on the entire spectrum of global sales markets, supporting partnerships as well as business cooperation in the field of fire brigades, rescue services, civil protection and safety/security at the international level.”

The first edition of INTERSCHUTZ USA will take place from 13 to 17 October 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The American subsidiary of Deutsche Messe, Hannover Fairs USA, is responsible for organizing the event. INTERSCHUTZ USA focuses on safety and security solutions, new technologies and the latest strategies for sustainable American fire brigades. “Firefighters in the U.S. have a great deal of respect for the INTERSCHUTZ brand as well as its size and scope,” said Larry Turner, President and CEO of Hannover Fairs USA. “Many of the industry representatives we’ve met with are incredibly excited about the launch of our new show in America.”

INTERSCHUTZ USA will focus on the requirements of fire departments in the 21st century, focusing in particular on the management level of American fire brigades. But vehicles, technologies and strategy aren’t the only topic: At the same time, the new Philadelphia-based trade fair will also feature a supporting program designed to appeal to interested parties and fire department enthusiasts, as well as to families and potential young recruits from the east coast of the United States.

INTERSCHUTZ USA enjoys the support of key local partners: “Members of the Philadelphia Fire Department are excited about welcoming the whole firefighting world to Philadelphia,” said Adam Thiel, Fire Commissioner of the Philadelphia Fire Department and Director of the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management, adding: “Since 1736, the Philadelphia Fire Department has been dedicated to safety, innovation, and best practices.” An additional partner for the event will be Local 22 IAFF of the Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Union. “Local 22 IAFF is delighted that a prestigious event like INTERSCHUTZ, with such a diverse array of exhibitors, is coming to Philadelphia under the name of INTERSCHUTZ USA,” remarked Mike Bresnan, President of Local 22 IAFF.

The aim is to help companies from around the world – and particularly companies exhibiting at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover – to get active on the American market, either as individual exhibitors or as members of a group pavilion. This has already been successfully practiced at the other INTERSCHUTZ events staged outside of Germany . These are currently “AFAC powered by INTERSCHUTZ” (27–30 August 2019 in Melbourne, Australia), “REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ” (4–6 October 2019 in Montichiari, Italy) and “CEFE powered by INTERSCHUTZ” (5–7 November 2019 in Shanghai, China).


INTERSCHUTZ – the world’s leading trade fair for fire brigades, rescue services, civil protection and safety/security – will next take place from 15 to 20 June 2020, in Hannover, Germany. The event covers the entire array of state-of-the-art gear and services needing for firefighting, fire protection, rescue work, civil protection, telecommunications and control centers as well as personal protection. The next INTERSCHUTZ is dedicated to the lead theme of “Teams, Tactics, Technology – Connecting Protection and Rescue”.

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