Airon Corporation - MACS epic CPAP System Released

MACS epic CPAP System Released for Global Distribution

Airon Corporation announces the release of the MACS epic CPAP System, a full-featured CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) system designed specifically for multiple hospital settings, including: emergency department, post anesthesia, and intensive care, as well as for transport. The MACS epic utilizes Airon’s proven and reliable MACS CPAP System technology with an upgrade for hospital use.

Featuring comfortable mask application, accurate monitoring and reliable alarms, the MACS epic is easy to use and provides a full range of benefits, such as:

  • CPAP mode with demand flow for maintaining airway patency and decreasing work of breathing
  • Oxygen control which allows 21% to 100% concentration without
    attaching auxiliary oxygen to the mask
  •  Patient disconnect and low gas pressure alarms to ensure patient safety

The MACS epic is ideal for:
Emergency Department – treatment of acute pulmonary exacerbations
Post Anesthesia  – airway support for sedation anesthesia and shallow breathing
Intensive Care – weaning protocol for respiratory conditions to reduce work of breathing
Continuum of Care- sub-acute therapy for nocturnal support of respiratory muscles

The MACS epic CPAP System is available for purchase through Airon’s domestic and international distribution partners or directly from Airon Corporation.  For more information call 888-448-1238 (USA toll free), 321-821-9433 or visit

Airon develops, manufactures and distributes pneumatic respiratory products for emergency medicine and critical care. Airon’s core products are ventilators and CPAP systems for use in hospitals, MRI, air transport, and emergency medical systems.  These products are based upon our patented “High Tech Pneumatics” which has advanced clinical care standards using oxygen-powered devices.  The pNeuton ventilators have been on the USA market since 2003 and are now sold in 42 countries around the world. All of Airon’s products are FDA approved and CE marked. Airon is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified quality manufacturer. For more information on Airon Corporation, please visit


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