An accident in heavy traffic. How to optimise emergency assistance while coping with chaos

How is it best to deal with chaos and avoid every possible complication while in the operational phase? The first rule is to have your kit in order, so as not to end up searching for things at the height of an emergency. Being ready in advance is the best service you can offer a patient needing to be taken to hospital. Remember to fasten the stretcher straps: this simple operation saves useful time in the crucial stabilisation phase. Procuring a first aid bag is an absolute must.

A professional bag has its advantages: if the inside is well-organised, everything you need will be to hand. It can hold anything you need to assist the patient correctly, from a neck brace, for children or adults, to the various types of head immobiliser, tapes, scissors. Every association organises its first aid bag according to its requirements. It is advisable to have your bag ready to immobilise at least two patients.

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