Easy Lift Ferno, another important item from the Ferno collection

The Sospendita Ferno EASY LIFT allows the easy, efficient and safe lifting of patients using the Scoop 65 Exl stretcher. The Sospendita is a very useful tool for short distances in which the patient needs to be transferred from a stretcher to a bed or to an examination couch.

Technical characteristics

  1. With UNI EN ISO 10535 hoists to move disabled persons 

  2. 2 long straps in PE HT fibre (1250 mm)

  3. 2 short straps in PE HT fibre (1150 mm)


Here are the technical specifications of two Ferno models of Sospendita


 load-bearing capacity








1.250/1.250 cm 






 1.050/9.50 cm

 2,3 kg



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