EMTA: "Emergency Medicine the Future is Now"

From Dr. Douglas Pendse

How would you fix emergency medicine training?

The BMA have joined forces with the EMTA to organise a session featuring a range of speakers with the aim of identifying immediate solutions to improve the working lives of emergency medicine trainees.

Traditionally there has been a focus on long term solutions to the wider crisis in emergency medicine which will only yield positive impact in a number of years, such as recruiting more trainees, or short term fixes that don’t address the problems, such as recruiting more emergency medics from overseas. Meanwhile, increasing workload is negatively impacting on the working lives and training of emergency medicine trainees.

The BMA and the EMTA wants trainees’ views on concrete solutions that could be implemented now to ease these pressures, such as better ways to organise rotas and changes to working hours. The BMA will take these suggestions to Health Education England. We also want to get views from doctors who cant make it to the meeting using this thread.

So tell us how would you fix emergency medicine training? LOOK HERE THE PROGRAM

Remember you can join the conversation live on twitter using #EMTA14 at 10.00 on 25 July 2014.


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