First Aid app available for Android, specifically for first aid procedures

First Aid is a free app for Android smartphones, designed specifically to help anybody who finds themselves in an emergency situation, providingthe right instructions for first aid procedures. The app uses illustrations, videos and brief texts to guide the user, step by step, through the necessary rescue and safety procedures. The app offers 5 interesting macro sections:


  1. Call“: this allows the user to call the emergency services.
  2. Tips“: This gives a list of categories of the various possible emergency situations. Each category is split into specific sub-categories according to the type of injury or problem. Each of these clearly explains how to recognise the problem, what procedures to follow, and also makes the rescuer aware of important risk factors that could worsen or compromise the situation. The chance to see practical demonstrations on YouTube for each sub-category of danger is absolutely fascinating.
  3. Myths“: This section contains examples of the most frequent and typical emergency situations and explains to the user why certain treatments and procedures should be carried out.
  4. Test“: This area tests the rescuer’s knowledge, by asking a series of multiple choice questions. In the event of a wrong answer, the app informs the user of the error and provides the correct answer.
  5. Kit“: This section is a kind of “virtual first aid kit” containing all the necessary tools that may be useful during an emergency situation and that the rescuer should always have to hand.


The app, which is only available in English, has been developed byHealth Team and is extremely user-friendly, very smooth and clear to use. To download it, you need an Android smartphone and a Play Store account. Follow this link to download it for your pc, mac, smartphone or tablet.

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