Interactive CPR Kiosk: where could you find it?

​CHICAGO – The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA), along with the American Heart Association (AHA), unveiled an interactive, hands-on CPR training kiosk at O’Hare International Airport. AHA Hands-Only CPR spokesperson  Danielle DeVito (r, helps CDA Commissioner Ginger S. Evans learn how to use the CPR kiosk at O’Hare. It’s located in Terminal 2, past security checkpoints, near the Kids on the Fly play area. The innovative kiosk, provided by the Anthem Foundation, has a specially-designed rubber torso that allows users to practice compressions. In fact, it feels just like it would if performed on a person. The kiosk provides immediate feedback about the depth and rate of compressions and proper hand placement, which influence the effectiveness of CPR. O’Hare is one of two airports in the United States that has this new, life-saving technology. The other CPR Kiosk in the US is located in Dallas, at the Forth Worth International Airport.

The training kiosk complements the 114 Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs that are widely available throughout Chicago’s airport facilities as well as the Chicago HeartSave Program that provides free CPR training and instruction on how to use AEDs to airport employees and contractors. More than 20,000 airport employees have been trained since the HeartSave™ program began in 1999, and 93 lives have been saved at Chicago’s airports.​

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