List of outcomes and indicators in the NHS Outcomes Framework for 2016-17

The NHS Outcomes Framework, alongside the Adult Social Care and Public Health Outcomes Frameworks, sits at the heart of the health and care system

1. The NHS Outcomes Framework:

• provides a national overview of how well the NHS is performing;

• is the primary accountability mechanism, in conjunction with the mandate, between the Secretary of State for Health and NHS England; and

• improves quality throughout the NHS by encouraging a change in culture and behaviour focused on health outcomes not process.

2. The NHS Outcomes Framework was developed in December 2010, following public consultation, and has been updated annually. Refreshing the NHS Outcomes Framework allows it to become a tool which reflects the current landscape of the health and care system, and to be better suited to approach the many challenges that the system faces.

3. This document sets out the updated NHS Outcomes Framework for 2015/16. It is being published alongside the mandate to NHS England for 2015/16. It is also accompanied by a Technical Appendix which provides detailed information about the indicators still being developed for the framework.

4. This year’s refresh of the NHS Outcomes Framework is on a larger scale than previous years. As part of this review we engaged with stakeholders over the summer, and have published a summary of what we heard and the Department’s response alongside this document.


NHS Outcomes Framework: at-a-glance (

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