New Mobilize rescue system to respond medical emergencies using interactive app

New Mobilize rescue system uses interactive app to respond to medical emergencies

The new mobilize rescue system represents the new way to respond medical emergencies introduced by Parks and recreation officials in Columbia county.

Using an interactive app to empower untrained bystanders this new first aid system mobilize rescue guides a person with little or no training through a series of yes or no questions to respond to medical emergencies such as severe bleeding and cardiac arrest, all while medical emergency responders are en route.

The kit also includes equipment used by emergency physicians and costs about $900.

Columbia county currently has installed four Mobilize Rescue Systems so far. There are two located at Patriots Park at the softball field and basketball gymnasium,  and the others are located at Blanchard Woods and Riverside park.

The Columbia county Parks and Recreation Department is the first to use the new software and its Director Dennis Hodges says they hope to install even more systems in the future. He says that, regardless of training, the kit has access to life-saving knowledge,“To bring this system here is just state of the art with the technology anybody who can use an ipad even if you’re not first aid trained can operate this system and treat somebody with a minor injury.”


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