New tiltrotor from AgustaWestland: new prespective to air rescue

A working tool versatile and reliable, to give a new dimension to air rescue: the new AgustaWestland AW609 Finmeccanica is technically a tiltrotor, able to vary the angle of the rotors from vertical to horizontal. This aircraft sum the performance of a plane and vertical take-off of a helicopter. 26thousand feet maximum altitude reached and a speed of 316 mph, the double of a normal helicopter , the AW609 , however, can remain motionless in midair, to perform a recovery with the winch, for example, or to allow a flying rescue team to land even in inaccessible areas, including urban emergency.

The new tiltrotor AgustaWestland allows to reduce intervention time , expanding the range of operation respect to a conventional helicopter . Due to the interest aroused by this extraordinary flying machine in California’s Heli-Expo , one of the most important international trade fairs on helicopter’s world, it is to believe that the AW609 will soon become a masterpiece among rescue aircraft used around the world and which will be fitted to the helicopter rescue team , equipped with different configurations.

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