Saerbag III: Ferno improves patient comfort in difficult environment

To make the immobilised patient more comfortable and improve the outcome of rescues in hostile environments usingdevices that ensure reliability and versatility. These are the aims of the Saerbag III Ferno bagwith integrated lifting bridle, designed for use with a stretcher, a backboard or a vacuum mattress, to carry out winch and/or rope rescues of traumatised patients in difficult conditions.

Of special note, the bag is fitted with a semi-rigid Mylar cover with 3 windows: one at the front and two at the sides. These allow the operator to monitor the patient and offer greater comfort during rescue operations. “During transportation – explains Fabio Marzani, area manager of Ferno Italia –the patient has more room and “breathing space” in the face area thus reducing any feeling of claustrophobia and making the patient more comfortable throughout the rescue operation. In addition, the application of two EARS sails at the foot of the bag prevents it from rotating when the stretcher is hanging below the helicopter during the rescue operation”.

The whole system of straps and safe immobilisation of the patient is the result of research into the kind of hostile operational situations in which rescuers find themselves working. In particular, the release systems, since being re-designed, provide higher levels of versatility in absolute safety. “The Saerbag III – concludes Marzani – has been tested in accordance with European Aviation Safety Agency specification CS 29.865 a to ensure a high standard of safety. All our products are modular and designed to work in combination with each other”.

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