Skinstamatic, know immediately what to do with your skin problem

The Worlds First professional search engine about dermatology and skin disease

READ THE REVIEW ON LITFL FOAMED BLOG – Skinstamatic allows you to get a dermatology consult through your app. It embraces the benefits of technology as an aid to medical diagnosis. Skinstamatic  will allow users to request an appointment  with credentialed dermatologists in their geographic area or institution of their choice.  After receiving their identified photo, the user has the option of requesting an appointment with a dermatologist physician in their area in order to establish a physician-patient relationship for diagnosis and treatment.  If requested, the user’s anonymous board identified photo, will be forwarded to a geographically convenient dermatologic physician with whom the customer can then make an  appointment in order to establish a physician-patient relationship.  The user may securely share their anonamyzed photobook with their dermatologist if they choose.Skinstamatic is first iOS and Web app to use the gamified collective intelligence engine (GCIE) of a Professional Board of Advisors consisting of board certified dermatologists, dermatology residents and their physician extenders to identify submitted skin photos and provide users with information related to the identified skin photograph. Skinstamatic is the first professional-guided search engine meant to enhance the efficiency and proficiency of education and information gathering by identifying submitted photographs of skin promptly and precisely using the accuracy of gamified group or crowd-based photo identification.  After receiving a photo, the skinstamatic app will return to the user the top two names of the majority votes which the professional board of advisors believes best identifies that skin photo.  This photo identification service was previously only available as an educational tool to physicians, physicians in specialty training and their professional assistants.  Now it is being made avaialble to the general public.
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