The future of water rescue: designer Jurmol Yao's interpretation

Fast, easy to use and versatile. According to Janko projects designer, Jurmol Yao, specialist in the development and creation of innovative uses of everyday objects, a water-jet pack will allow rescuers to reach people in water quickly and easily, and will be particularly useful in areas that are inaccessible to normal lifeboats.

The water-jet flyer pack comes in the form of a backpack with foot stirrups used to steer. The rescuer is lifted into the air by two high-pressure water columns created by water being sucked up continuously through a tube from the sea or lake below. The operator can therefore work faster and cover a wider area. The rescuer will only take a few seconds to reach the person in difficulty, and will then be able to use the backpack’s floating capacity which will free his arms and allow him to get to work on first aid procedures.

In his design of this unusual flying rescue vehicle, Jurmol Yao was inspired by the JetLev Flyer, another water-jet pack designed for leisure use. In this case, the designer has reduced its weight and adapted the commands to the requirements of water rescue… but has not forgotten to make it aesthetically pleasing.

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