The Vortex airway checklist

The Vortex is a “high stakes cognitive aid” – simple enough to be recalled in a crisis and flexible enough to be used in any context. Our philosophy is to train staff for management of the unanticipated difficult airway in the same manner we train them to manage cardiac arrest – using a single simple & universally applicable template that is taught to all staff likely to be involved in managing the crisis – irrespective of critical care discipline and of whether they are from a medical, nursing or paramedical background.

Emergency Surgical Airway (ESA) Status
See how a modified version of Scott Weingart’s CriCon concept can be integrated into the Vortex approach in an attempt to improve the practical & psychological preparedness of clinicians to perform an emergency surgical airway.

Vortex Optimisation “Training Matrix”
Download this teaching tool to assist training your staff in the specific interventions available for airway optimisation under the 5 general headings for each non-surgical airway technique.

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