The Wireless Ultrasound Scanner: for a quicker Triage

The company Clarius Mobile Health in British Columbia won FDA clearance for its C3 and L7 Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanners.

These devices just require any iOS or Android phone or tablet as the display.

The Clarius C3 is intended for abdominal and lung exams, while the Clarius L7 is meant for needle guidance and for imaging shallow anatomy.

Clarius app is used to control the transducers and display the visualizations. The transducers feature automatic gain and frequency settings, helping to quickly locate and view the target anatomy. The app provides options to manage the images, as well as to share them securely via the firm’s secure “Clarius Cloud”.

The exterior of the transducers is made of magnesium metal, allowing it to be rugged enough to be used in and outside the clinic. Inside is a rechargeable battery and an extra one is provided with every set.

Visit the Clarius webpage to know more.


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