Why do you need airbag protection during rescue?

Today’s vehicles pose many risks for First Responders. For rist, unexploded airbag could seriously injury firefighters or paramedics. This manufactures are installed in multiple parts of the chassis. We must to remember that frontal airbag deploy at 350 km/h. They could kill anybody positioned too close to it. In some vehicles, airbag deploy from 7 to 30 different position. Is they don’t explode during the incident, there could be a serious danger for first responder.

Safe handling procedures at the scene of the accident are more important than ever before. Firefighters all around the world organize specified training, to introduce new techniques and solution for problems that vehicles could have during a rescue operation.

This video show an anti-airbag system that you could adopt on the steering wheel. Or, in alternative, you need to verify where could be placed unexploded airbag, using a smart app, the Extraction Zones Pro




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