Rosenbauer is supplying high-end decontamination vehicles to South Korea

  • Multifunctional trucks for fire and decon operations
  • Foam extinguishing technology with DIGIMATIC and CAFS
  • Cleaning technology for rough and fine decontamination

The vehicle combination that Rosenbauer has manufactured in triplicate for the National 119 Rescue Headquarters in South Korea has a length of 19 m. It consists of a three-axle truck, fitted with extinguishing systems and a decon unit, and a two-axle trailer carrying additional decon equipment. The vehicle is so designed as to offer decontamination possibilities for small and medium-sized purposes in a very short time and with a minimum personnel requirement. Moreover, the equipment contained in the trailer, which is transported in roll containers, facilitates the installation of a mass decontamination facility for major occurrences. As a result, every aspect of the decon process, from rough and fine cleansing to post-treatment, is covered and the equipment payload is suitable for the decontamination of people, equipment and vehicles that have been exposed to hazardous substances.

A wet cell in the vehicle

The vehicles have been built on a MAN-chassis with the extinguishing technology located in the pump bay behind the driver’s cab. The technical cleaning equipment is stored in a separate machine compartment above the twin rear axles, while at the rear is a decon unit with a wet cell. This can be passed through via revolving doors with pneumatic fold-down steps from the left- or right-hand side in accordance with the operational sequence.  Awnings on both sides of the truck offer protection against the sun and rain in the entry and exit areas, while two hydraulically extendable riggers under the wet cell stabilize the vehicle during decon operation. The wet rooms are ventilated by means of waste air extractors in the superstructure roof, while warmth is provided via a stationary heating system.

Multiple foam extinguishing technology

The extinguishing technology is comprised by an N25 normal pressure pump fitted with a DIGIMATIC, pressurized foam admixing system and a CONTI CAFS, compressed air foam unit. The pumps deliver up to 2,500 l/min of water at 10 bar, while the DIGIMATIC provides the stepless mixing of a maximum of 6 per cent of foaming agents in the water and is suitable for minimum admixing quantities of 0.1 l/min, which is an ideal ratio for wetting agent applications. CONTI CAFS produces compressed air foam with a high energy density and homogeneity, which adheres well to vertical surfaces and can also be applied from considerable distances. In addition, the vehicle payload includes a 3,000 l water tank and two foam tanks with a capacity of 200 and 100 l respectively.

A water system with chemical additives

The cleaning technology consisting of a water system with a pump and pressure retention unit, water heating, chemical admixing and water disinfection device for the showers is stored in the truck’s machinery compartment in front of the walk-in rear section. Two special high-pressure devices mounted on pullouts form the nucleus of the decontamination system. These consist of a cold water, high-pressure unit (4,000 l/h at 60 bar) for pre- and post-decontamination, and a hot water and steam unit (1,200 l/h at 140 bar, or steam at 30 bar). In line with the type of contamination involved, this is used for the main part of the decon process in combination with admixed cleaning agents. 40 m-hoses are employed for emission purposes using the corresponding reels. A portable pressurized spray device is also available for chemical contaminants and apart from all the large equipment numerous items of hand-held devices are secured within the vehicle in order that it is also ready for small and very minor applications.

Human decontamination

The decontamination of people and objects is carried out at the rear of the vehicle. Rough decontamination takes place in a shower on the modified tail lift, which is fitted with a nozzles and a shoe sole cleaning system. Fine decontamination occurs in a four-part wet cell inside the truck (undressing, wash basins, showers, dressing). The contaminated water is collected in a used water tank installed in one of the deep equipment compartments.

Area decontamination

In addition, the vehicle is fitted with a special area decontamination system. This consists of two storage tanks, which depending upon the operation are filled with the appropriate cleaning agent, an integrated pump operated in a pump and roll mode, a precise chemical mix, and a row of spray nozzles located near the fender. The entire system can be activated from the driving seat, which means that in the case of atmospheric pollution, the driver need not leave the cab. The crew is also protected by means of a three-level, overpressure filter system, which allows the use of the vehicle even if the ambient atmosphere is contaminated.

Mass decontamination

The trailer contains the equipment needed for the assembly of a complete cleaning line for mass decontamination outside the vehicle. The equipment is anchored in eleven roll containers and includes a large, three-line shower tent for personal decontamination, a drive-in, decon line for vehicles, as well as all the necessary technical, cleaning units in mobile form. These are comprised by a water supply, folding tanks, a chemicals mixer, a tent heating system, tent air conditioning, used water and submersible pumps, etc. For the power supply of external consumers (water and cleaning, heating/air conditioning and lighting systems) a 40 kVA, integrated generator is installed in the vehicle and an additional, portable RS14 generator is mounted in the trailer.

Decon vehicle South Korea

– Chassis: MAN TGS 26.440, 6×2, Euro 6
– Extinguishing agent: 3,000 l water, 300 l foam
– Pump: N 25 with 2,500 l/min at 10 bar
– Foam proportioning system: DIGIMATIC 42
– Compressed air foam system: CONTI CAFS 15
– Decon unit: rear- installed wet cell
– Cleaning technology with waterworks, chemical mixing system, high-pressure and hot water cleaning, used water unit
– Dimensions: L x B x H: 12.4 x 2.55 x 3.8 m
– Total weight: 26 t

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