10 miracle "medicines" for the rainy season

MANILA – The rainy season can threaten your immune system, therefore increasing the chances of acquiring the simplest to the most complex ailments. With the continuous escalation of the prices of the prescription drugs, finding a practical and convenient way to cure these ailments could be taxing and difficult. Power up and dodge these ailments with all natural remedies. According to Jean Carper’s food – Miracle Medicine – here are the most effective food to combat those ailments:

1. Fish oil – prevent headaches (salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines also prevent arthritis).

2. Tea – prevent buildup of fatty deposits on arterial walls with regular doses of tea.

3. Onion – eating onions helps ease the constriction of bronchial tubes.

4. Banana – this potassium filled fruit will settle an upset stomach in no time.

5. Ginger – cure morning sickness and nausea with ginger. It also alleviates pain and inflammation.

6. Cranberry juice – high-acid cranberry juice controls harmful bacteria, therefore reducing bladder infections.

7. Pineapple – bone fractures and osteoporosis can be prevented by the presence of manganese in pineapple.

8. Garlic – clear up cold and stuffy head with garlic.

9. Red pepper – substance found in cough syrup is also present in hot red pepper, which makes it an effective cure for cough.

10. Apple – grate apple with its skin and let it turn to color brown. Eating this will cure diarrhea.

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