Advanced Life Support Universal Algorithm: Does remain the same in 2015?

The 2010 revisions about ALS Algorithm and guidelines includes uninterrupted chest compression, less emphasis on airway and breathing, more application of intraosseus infusion of drugs and fluids if IV access is not available and a significant consideration about post-arrest hypothermia and post-arrest normo-glycaemial.

Here below you could find the treatment algorithm produced by the European Resuscitation Council after the 2010 pubblication of the ILCOR guidelines. 2015 will be the revolutionary year for CPR? Does the breathing practice cut off from this algorithm?

[document url=”” width=”600″ height=”800″]

Less difference could be appear in the 2015 paediatric basic life support compared to 2010.

[document url=”” width=”600″ height=”800″]


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