Ebola, first patient treated with experimental drug has been discharged

December, 30, EMERGENCY – On the 28th December, the first Ebola patient treated in Africa with the experimental drug ZMAb has been discharged from the Ebola Treatment Centre run by EMERGENCY NGO in Goderich, Sierra Leone.A.M., 72 years old, had been admitted 2 weeks ago in very critical conditions.The ZMAb used for A. M. had been requested by the Ministry of Health of Sierra Leone to treat dr. Victor Willoughby, a leading doctor in the country. Dr. Willoughby, unfortunately died as soon as the drug arrived in country. The Ministry of Health asked EMERGENCY to give the ZMAb to A.M., wife and mother of two of the patients of dr Willoughby, both died of Ebola few days before. The high standard Ebola Treatment Centre run by EMERGENCY NGO is the only centre in Africa that has used ZMAb so far. It opened on 14th of December in collaboration with DFID, the Department for International Development of the British Government.

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