Field and Seasonal Hospitals and Mobile Clinics in Hajj Season

Dr. Hussam A.B. Naser, Thesis work from the European Master in Disaster Medicine

Hajj season is a huge mass gathering for Muslims in Mecca every year in the same place and time, this mass gathering carries many risks that need to be monitored and prepared well, and many crises occurred in the past need to be studied for prevention of further events. Many efforts have been made to arrange this event every year, but still we need further work to organize and improve these efforts.

As its well known, the disaster medicine is one of the modern specialization which was originated & concerned with after several considerable events caused a lot of victims ( deads, injured & missings ), this is in addition to grade substantial loses which happen sometimes. Its idea originally aimed to keep souls and life symptoms on the spot by reliving the injuries and treating them properly. As disaster medicine normally works among masses & crowds of people, it needs a cooperation, intervention & coordination between many governmental authorities & private sectors. This was my motive when I selected Al Hajj subject for my master thesis as Hajj is considered one of the biggest international seasonal human assembly. I hope my thesis will be useful for Hajj seasons in future or any other similar big assemblies in general. In my thesis, I mentioned the reasons for selecting my subject and the expected targets of it as well as analyzing the faults, how to deal with them, treating them and finally stating the present efforts endeavored always by the official responsible authorities of the kingdom. In my research, I relied upon direct contact & communication with the specialized sections of the Hajj seasonal authorities. Although I faced many difficulties the most prominent of which was how to obtain the required accurate information from its sources as I found them very conservatives against publishing them outside their special media, according the their style & timing. Besides, the second difficulty was revising, translating & typing the research text as most of the available information was written in Arabic language.

In my research, I also relied about the experiments of some official & unofficial participants who shared in previous Hajj works as well as upon some reports & special studies about Hajj which I found them published in some magazines & particular publications.
I hope my humble effort will participate in submitting a distinguished public service to the society.
With the help of glorious God exhorted.




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