Building Disaster Preparedness solutions for citizens 

B-prepared, a Horizon Europe project, is committed to building a culture of citizen-centred disaster preparedness through engaging digital platforms with the support of the B-prepared co-creation group

In the wake of a significant number of recent catastrophic events, B-prepared ( has emerged as a beacon of hope in the quest to reduce the devastating impact of a disaster from a citizen perspective. Recognizing the critical gap between alert systems and citizen response, B-prepared is aimed at offering an innovative and cost-effective solution that empowers individuals to effectively navigate emergencies and ensure their collective safety. It applies this approach through the support of an effective engagement mechanism that enables citizens to contribute to the content of the B-prepared co-creation platform within the context of the overall digital ecosystem, so that we as individuals sharing valued knowledge of better preparedness are more equipped for the onslaught of a disaster, whatever shape or form it takes.

B-prepared builds on a freely accessible massive collaborative knowledge base and data hub, demonstrating its usefulness and it applies three demonstrator applications in support. They are: a) cooperative multiplayer VR serious game, b) an interactive gamified mobile app with age-appropriate content and geo-caching feature and c) an LMS system to effectively and comparably measure preparedness levels achieved by VR and/or mobile users on a unified scale. Gamification is one of the project’s core components which we believe will help users enjoy the B-prepared engagement experience.

Later in the project, a large-scale virtual reality hackathon series will be used to demonstrate the features of B-prepared. The open beta version of the platform will be publicly available as a giveaway, inviting users to take full advantage of B-prepared. After the beta stage, the game will be available in a non-profit freemium model where in-game purchases are replaced by in-game donations for relief organisations, with a small percentage kept for maintenance and further development.

To join the B-prepared co-creation group drop an email to and you will receive notification of registration and be granted access to the B-prepared co-creation platform for use and enjoyment, but we strongly encourage users to contribute valued content in the area of disaster preparedness. Share your knowledge with the community!

In the meantime, we kindly ask you to complete the survey as outlined in the following blog:


  • B-prepared press release
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