Do you need an ECG test? This business ECG card do it now!

First of all “this is not a diagnostic device” Mobile ECG Company clarify in their own official blog. This video appears two days ago in the home page of this start-up, founded in 2013 by 4 people who want to create an Open-Source world in the ECG sector. “MobilECG was founded by Hungarian engineers in 2013. Our first prototype was a 12-lead resting ECG with all the electronics built right into the cable. Unfortunately we could not get funding for completing that first version, so we decided to make it open source”. This new strategy triggered an amount of donations that Mobile ECG were not expecting. “We realized that our device will only be a game-changer if we provide the appropriate services, too”.

“We are excited and happy, and we really appreciate your interest, and we hope that this draws your attention to our main product too” Mobile ECG write on their own blog.

To address many people’s concerns: yes, this “electroCARDiograph” (name by ldsnowbored on 9gag) measures the real ECG signal between the users hands (Lead I in Einthoven’s triangle, image from Wikipedia). While it is not a diagnostic device, it is good enough to clearly capture the P, Q, R, S and T waves of the ECG signal, as shown in the video.

It is of course open source too (just like our main device), and its github repository is here. Click here for the schematics in pdf format.

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