Dutch Ambulance service, UMCG Ambulancezorg, leads the introduction of RDT’s Tempus Pro™

Five regional ambulance services in the Netherlands will gain experience with the Tempus Pro monitor from Remote Diagnostics Technologies.

IMG_06431Tempus Pro is an advanced vital signs monitor that places the needs of the pre-hospital care professional at the heart of its design. It is ground-breaking in size, weight, ruggedness, functionality, ease of use, flexibility and scalability.

It also offers patient record data collection and sharing and real-time ReachBak™ capability that allows communications of voice, vital signs (including waveforms) data and video for telemedicine and telementoring purposes over a wide range of communications links.

On the initiative of one of the most innovative Dutch ambulance services, UMCG Ambulancezorg, the ambulance services will use their Tempus Pro monitors to help develop new care pathways and business models. They will do this in collaboration with other healthcare providers such as general practitioners, hospitals and medical specialists.

The ability of Tempus Pro to connect point of care and remote specialised knowledge, fits perfectly in the innovation strategy of UMCG Ambulancezorg. It is believed that this will lead to better localised healthcare and fewer patients being transported to A&E unnecessarily.

The Dutch ambulance services that are part of this development initiative, also want to improve the care for patients living on the Dutch islands and in remote areas of the Netherlands. Consequently, the project is not limited to emergency care, but covers the entire range of healthcare, including more remote primary care and care at home.

UMCG Ambulancezorg’s vision is to use technology to bring the health care system on scene. Tempus Pro provides much of the technology that is needed to realise this vision. Many of the necessary building blocks are already available in the Netherlands, for example high-speed mobile data networks and wireless connections with hospitals.

The Netherlands already has a national ambulance IT platform in place, with most ambulance services using the Electronic Patient Record system developed with UMCG Ambulancezorg. The ambulance service can already “push” real time information to GPs and hospitals. The addition of the Tempus Pro will further enhance its ability to deliver quality care on scene.

5289-RDT_01393UMCG Ambulancezorg is the ambulance service of the University Medical Center Groningen, the largest university hospital in the Netherlands. The UMCG is an internationally acclaimed healthcare organization with a clear vision on innovation and healthcare improvement, with a strong sense of responsibility for medical care in the northern Netherlands.

UMCG Ambulancezorg delivers ambulance care in the northern Netherlands, serving a population of around one million inhabitants. UMCG Ambulancezorg is affiliated with the cooperative Axira, an alliance of seven regional ambulance services, focused on innovation and efficiency.

Finally, the UMCG have already put Tempus Pro into use with another first, when they took a Tempus Pro unit with them on a recent expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. . The group consisted of transplant patients and medical staff that reached the Uhuru Peak, 5895 meters, on Tuesday, October 14th, 2014. The expedition was an integral part of the national “donor week” with the aim to draw more attention to organ donation.


For more information on the Tempus Pro project at UMCG Ambulancezorg and the other Dutch ambulance services, please contact Jaap Hatenboer, Manager Strategy and Innovation, UMCG Ambulancezorg, tel +31,592,312,000 or via j.hatenboer@rav.nl

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