Emergency Transfer Sheet QMX 750 Spencer Italia, for comfortable and safe transportation of patients

Spencer, one of the leading manufacturers of emergency equipment has produced this absolute jewel: a transfer sheet with transport handles suitable in any eventuality. A comfortable, light, superbly well-designed transfer sheet that can be used for the transportation or transfer of patients. Specially applied handles make transfers by rescuers much easier and far more effective.

Technical specifications:

  1. Nylon lining covered in soft, waterproof, unbreakable and anti-staining vinyl
  2. Interior made of 40mm thick medium-density 30 shore expanded polyurethane
  3. 8 reinforced handles made of 50 mm polypropylene tape sewn to the lining
  4. Dimensions: 525 x 40 x h1885 mm
  5. Weight: 2.5 kg
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