Eurosatory 2018 - Epsilor and Kissling Service show Epsilor's 6T NATO battery on a Mercedes-Benz command vehicle

Eurosatory 2018 started today, June, 11 and many outstanding news have been showed and many others to foresee

One in particular is related to Epsilor, the Israeli company for development and production of battery packs and chargers for the military, defense, marine, aerospace, industrial and electric vehicle markets. Epsilor presents its range of solutions for tactical scenarios and battlefields, highlighting the importance of the use of batteries on armored vehicles in the future.

Epsilor together with Kissling Service, an industry leading integrator of vehicle mounted defense systems, will showcase Epsilor’s 6T NATO battery (ELI-52526) on a Mercedes-Benz command vehicle at Eurosatory 2018, which will take place in Paris on June 11-15, 2018.


ABOUT NATO Standard 6T Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

With the highest energy density in the world, Epsilor’s 6T will provide Kissling Service – Mercedes-Benz SUV command post with high power clean energy at Eurosatory 2018

Dimona, Israel & Koblenz, Germany; May 31, 2018 – Epsilor-Electric Fuel Ltd., a globally recognized manufacturer of batteries and chargers for defense applications, together with Kissling Service, an industry leading integrator of vehicle mounted defense systems, will showcase Epsilor’s 6T NATO battery (ELI-52526) on a Mercedes-Benz command vehicle at Eurosatory 2018, which will take place in Paris on June 11-15, 2018.

The high energy, high power density battery will be used to generate power for different users onboard the vehicle, providing it with all of its energy needs within a small volume and weight footprint. It will be presented at the Mercedes-Benz Defense Vehicles outdoor exhibition at area DE-240.

Epsilor will also present a wide range of batteries and charging solutions designed for different military vehicles. The company will present at Booth J 517, Hall 6, its Lithium-Ion 6T NATO battery product line as well as its 12V/110Ah (1.45kWh) LiFePO4 battery.

With the highest energy density in the world and 1,000 discharge cycles, Epsilor’s 6T type batteries are an optimal energy storage solution for a wide variety of new armored and military vehicles as well as for drop-in replacement in existing vehicle fleets. This new 6T battery offers 4 times more energy in just half the weight of modern lead-acid 6T batteries.

Epsilor’s 6T batteries are currently being tested and evaluated by a number of leading defense vehicle manufacturers and military customers, for various missions such as long-shift silent watch, start-stop applications, high power mission applications and more.

Kissling Service has developed and constructed a “concept car” of a highly mobile command post vehicle. This vehicle includes components such as VHF/UHF-radios, a Satellite-Telephone, a C-IED-Jammer, Reconnaissance systems, a smoke grenade launcher and an IP-based intercom system. Most of the systems are being configured and reached through a ruggedized tablet.

Realizing that modern armies need to store and generate more energy in lighter and smaller batteries, Epsilor is also offering an innovative line of 12V Lithium vehicle batteries. The company’s lithium Iron Phosphate Vehicular Battery family of products offers 100% more energy than similar Lead Acid batteries. Offering over 3,000 duty cycles, this technology is designed to serve a wide range of vehicle, marine and industrial applications and is designed to fit military vehicles and marine vessels, where service conditions are tough, volume and weight are important, and clean reliable energy is required.

“Whether it is an armored vehicle or an SUV mounted mission system, Epsilor is well positioned to offer a wide range of Li-Ion batteries that meet the needs of military vehicles,” said Ronen Badichi, President of Epsilor. “The cooperation with Kissling Service at Eurosatory will provide us with an opportunity to present the most advanced battery products together with a leading vehicle system integrator, in action.”



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