Four focal themes for Interschutz

At the center of attention will be climate change, civil protection, artificial intelligence, and sustainability.

We are halfway through the journey leading up to INTERSCHUTZ, scheduled in Hannover from June 1st to June 6th, 2026. The next edition of the world’s leading trade fair for fire and rescue services, civil protection, and security is exactly two years away, but its central themes have already been defined. In addition to focusing on the effects of climate change and a significant shift in civil protection, the spotlight will be on the deployment of artificial intelligence in control centers, operation rooms, disaster sites, and also on sustainability.

“The dramatic events affecting the world as a whole clearly show that risk prevention and civil protection are playing an increasingly important role,” says Bernd Heinold, project manager of INTERSCHUTZ at Deutsche Messe in Hannover. “This was already evident at INTERSCHUTZ two years ago, but new conflicts, crises, and disasters warn us that we cannot give up on finding solutions to ensure ever greater resilience.” The slogan of INTERSCHUTZ 2026, “Safeguarding Tomorrow,” perfectly encapsulates the challenges that await us in the coming years, reminding us of the need to safeguard our future.

Climate Change

According to Heinold, only intense research, significant technological innovations, and expanded collaboration can make prevention and emergency response more effective. Only through these solutions can the consequences of climate change, such as floods, wildfires, and storms, be mitigated. “Emergency services need to prepare for increasingly frequent storms, wildfires, and growing health risks from heatwaves, air pollution, and disease spread,” continues Heinold, emphasizing how this underscores the need for networking beyond responsibilities and borders. And it goes without saying that INTERSCHUTZ is an ideal opportunity to establish and cultivate the contacts required for this.

A Shift in Civil Protection

“In the field of civil protection, dynamic and innovative solutions are also needed,” says Heinold. “That’s why INTERSCHUTZ exhibitors will present solutions and technologies for integrated and collaborative crisis management.” The population can only be prepared for emergencies if adequately informed, and according to Heinold, this is a fundamental responsibility of sector organizations and associations, which have a duty to shed light on risks and encourage the adoption of do-it-yourself practices.

Artificial Intelligence

In the future, however, the theme of AI, Artificial Intelligence, will be particularly important. “At the next INTERSCHUTZ, leading figures from the worlds of research and industry will demonstrate how intelligent technologies can be used for more effective emergency management, and what limits need to be kept in mind,” emphasizes the project manager of INTERSCHUTZ. He cites the use of AI technologies for translating emergency calls into various languages as a significant example: a solution that facilitates organizing rescue operations, even if the caller does not speak the local language.


Another central theme for a comprehensive framework of emergency response is sustainability, of fundamental importance from both ecological and economic perspectives. “Sustainability means alternative transmissions, but also long-lasting and adaptable equipment, or ensuring the availability of well-prepared response teams. And here too, an example can be indicative,” Heinold adds: “Guidelines for sustainable procurement can help incentivize the use of eco-friendly vehicles.”


INTERSCHUTZ is the world’s leading trade fair for fire and rescue services, civil protection, and security. The next edition will be held in Hannover in 2026 under the slogan “Safeguarding tomorrow.” The event’s offerings include all products and services for fire prevention and protection, rescue and civil protection, as well as communication systems and control centers, and protective devices. The international network of INTERSCHUTZ consists of AFAC Australia, REAS Italia, and China International Emergency Management Exhibition (CIEME).


  • Interschutz press release
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