Holmatro Greenline Battery Range: Zero emission, 100% performance!

Friendly to users and the environment while offering an excellent performance: that’s the Holmatro new Greenline range of battery-powered rescue equipment. All products in this range are emission-free, which is healthier for rescuers and victims, especially when used in confi ned (underground) spaces. The new devices also have a reduced power consumption as well as low sound levels limiting victim stress and improving on-scene communication. At the same time ultramodern battery technology ensures maximum operation time and optimal tool performance. The Greenline battery range includes combi tools, New Car Technology cutters, spreaders and rams. It also contains the battery pump SPU 16 BC, designed to power your current Holmatro rescue tools while offering all benefi ts of our battery technology. With this new Holmatro pump you are still prepared for rescue operations in or under water, where you can place the pump on land with the hose extended to your tools.

Choice between pump and tools

  • Battery-operated rescue tools for optimal freedom of movement
  • Battery-operated pump for use in any rescue situation, including operations in or under water. The pump is placed on land with the hose extended to the rescue tools.

 State-of-the-art battery technology

  • Lithium-ion (tools) and LiFePO4 (pump)
  • High battery capacity for maximum operation time
  • Low self-discharge rate for long battery life
  • No memory effect
  • Tools: no power consumption when idle
  • Pump: reduced power consumption when idle
  • Battery 100% rechargeable in 60 minutes
  • LED indicator shows battery capacity during use; when tool/ pump is switched off press button to check state of charge level
  • Suitable for air transportation and use at high altitudes


  • No fumes: healthier for rescuers and victims
  • Ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces like busses, trains, tunnels and collapsedbuildings
  • Environmentally friendly

Lowest sound level

  • Less stressful for victims
  • Enables easier communication on the rescue scene
  • Tools produce no sound when idle
  • ECO whisper mode on pump (very low sound emission when equipment is not used)

 All weather proof

  • Suitable for use at below zero temperatures, down to -20°C / -4°F
  • Suitable for use in wet weather conditions

About Holmatro

For nearly half a century, Holmatro has been developing, producing and testing high-pressure hydraulic equipment for industrial, rescue, and special tactics applications. Based on the needs of users, our products are known for their high quality and innovative technology. Holmatro sells and services these products through offi ces in various countries and an extensive dealer network.When it comes to Holmatro rescue equipment, our highly experienced engineers translate innovative ideas into lighter, more powerful solutions for fi re and rescue departments. The result is a full range of high-quality tools that enable you to work effi ciently under pressure. With Holmatro it’s safer, easier and quicker to save lives.
Holmatro products are manufactured in theNetherlands and the USA at our state-of-theart production facilities. Innovation, quality and service are at the heart of our company philosophy. Thanks to an extensive range of services including maintenance and training, our products last for years. That’s why they are the tools of choice for rescue workers throughout the world. Once you use them, you’ll use them for life.


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