Intersec Middle East Fire Conference

An interactive two-day conference addressing fire protection, safety and engineering

The fire safety market is rapidly becoming a dominant force in the Middle East. The region’s resurgent construction sector and increased infrastructure spending, along with the updates on regulations and safety standards have paved the way for a steep growth in the fire detection, prevention and protection industry.

Recent industry reports indicate that the fire safety systems market in the GCC was valued at US$ 1.2 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow by 14 per cent annually up until at least 2018.

Understanding fire behaviour, the dynamics of fire safety, fire prevention strategies, and evacuation strategies are unique to different types of industries. To ensure successful fire safety management it is vital to develop a solid understanding of the key elements that provide a foundation upon which to build for now and the future. It is against this backdrop that the two day Intersec Middle East Fire Conference will be held.

By attending this conference, you will be able to:

  • Gain insights on how fire behaves in different environments and new innovative techniques and technology for effectively managing them.
  • Learn more on passive fire protection.
  • Understand the need for proper testing and maintenance of firefighting equipments.
  • Discuss the importance of training and development in avoiding a possible disaster.
  • Gain significant insights on human behaviour during an emergency.
  • Hear global industry experts present country case studies and their relevance to the Middle East.
Who Should Attend: From Industries Involved:
• Fire Engineers
• Fire Safety Consultants / Analysts
• Fire Risk Consultants / Analysts
• Occupational Safety Managers
• Process Safety Managers
• Safety & HSE Managers
• Emergency Services Personnel
• HSEQ Managers
• Risk Managers
• Emergency Response Personnel
• Security Managers
• Operations Managers
• Industrial Safety Managers
• Inspection and Training Managers
• Ministries of Interior
• Civil Defence Departments
• Government Authorities and Regulators
• Local Municipalities
• Industrial and Free Zone
• Airport and Port Authorities
• Architects and Design
• Oil and Gas Companies
• Utility Companies
• Manufacturing Companies
• Warehousing Facilities
• Real Estate Developers
• Construction Companies
• Other related industries
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