Lombardy triumphs in the Italian Red Cross National First Aid Competition 2023

CRI National First Aid Competitions: the challenge of volunteers in 17 emergency simulations

In the beautiful setting of the medieval village of Caserta Vecchia, the 28th edition of the Italian Red Cross National First Aid Competitions was held. This event represented an extraordinary opportunity for hundreds of volunteers from all corners of Italy, who competed in simulations of emergency situations in order to ensure quick and effective rescue.

The weekend of competitions kicked off on Friday with a sumptuous parade of teams and the opening ceremony. The volunteers, proudly wearing their red uniforms, paraded from the square of the Royal Palace of Caserta to the inner courtyard, transforming the imposing Bourbon building into a sea of red.

The competition saw 17 regional teams compete for the title, and a panel of judges assessed their individual and team skills, work organisation and readiness in each round. In the end, the sum of the scores accumulated in the various tasks decreed the final ranking.

The podium of the 2023 National First Aid Competitions was dominated by Lombardy, which took first place, followed by Piedmont in second place and Marche in third. During the award ceremony, important representatives of the Italian Red Cross took part, including the President of the Campania CRI Regional Committee, Stefano Tangredi, and of the Caserta CRI Committee, Teresa Natale. Also present were the National Technical Delegate for Health, Riccardo Giudici, and National Councillor, Antonino Calvano, who praised the efforts of the organisers for the success of the event.

Antonino Calvano emphasised the importance of national competitions as a moment of healthy confrontation and high training for volunteers. He emphasised that such competitions make it possible to perfect first aid techniques and identify areas in which to improve, in order to respond more effectively to emergencies throughout Italy.

Finally, Calvano wanted to express his gratitude to all Red Cross volunteers and operators who work in difficult contexts, demonstrating that the organisation is constantly at the side of vulnerable people. The National First Aid Competitions 2023 highlighted the value of the training and commitment of the Italian Red Cross volunteers in saving lives and providing assistance in emergency situations.



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