New ways to become an expert trainer in extrication

Becoming an expert trainer in extrication from accident vehicles at STRASICURAPark’s permanent center for extrication from accident vehicles, Saturday, May 3rd, and Sunday, May 4th

In an era where professional updating is fundamental, the new project is born at the hands of Formula Guida Sicura at STRASICURAPark, where a permanent training area has been created for professional training on techniques for extricating accident vehicles.

Thanks to the team of professionals conducting the training, the courses guarantee a high level of training so that it can be passed down to all operators in the sector (employees and volunteers).

This project aims to assist all associations and healthcare entities operating in the rescue world and is the result of many requests made by those who intervene for rescue, especially on the road, to have a gym where they can train safely.

The importance of knowing the tools and techniques of use

Another distinctive element of the training course for healthcare trainers on interventions on accident vehicles is the particular attention paid to the correct use of equipment and specific tools. Thanks to the collaboration with companies that have embraced the project, participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with expert technicians, thus deepening their understanding and appropriate use of specialized tools and medical equipment.

A gym for knowledge sharing

This initiative does not limit itself to providing standard training but aims to be a real gym for sharing knowledge. Through an interactive and collaborative approach, participants will have the opportunity to circulate their knowledge and distribute useful techniques exhaustively and effectively.

A moment of cultural exchange and comparison

In addition to being a training opportunity, the first training course for healthcare trainers on interventions on accident vehicles, which will take place in May, will also represent a privileged moment of cultural exchange and comparison between sector experts and those who attend and operate in this field. The meeting of different perspectives and experiences will further enrich the participants’ knowledge base, promoting constructive and stimulating dialogue.

In conclusion, for Formula Guida Sicura and its partners, the launch of this first course represents a significant step towards meeting the needs of trainers through the enrichment of their skills and, consequently, towards a tangible improvement in the quality of training offered to all operators, both immediately and in the future.

With the support of partner companies and the commitment of participants, this project promises to be a valuable resource for professional growth and the success of the organizations involved. The complete course calendar will be available shortly, with one date per month scheduled.

To participate in the course, contact us at 800 974 112 every day from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00. Via email anytime at:

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