Pre-vac, portable sterile bottle for closed wound drainage

Pre-vac is sterile, disposable and portable system used for closed wound drainage. Supplying in 600ml, 400ml and 200ml volume bottles with connecting tube 92 cm, and drainage tube 50 cm with trocar available in 8FR /10 FR /12FR/ 14 FR/ 16FR/ 18FR sizes.


Ready charged high vacuum state of the bottles is easy to use just by attaching to the wound drainage lines
Anti-reflux valve is also incorporated to prevent any reverse flow into the wound
Luer lock is further protects the users from fluid contamination
Easy to read vacuum status. The manometric bellow indicates the amount of the negative pressure present in the bottle
A calibration indicated on the clear wall of the bottle is to facilitate the measurement of both quantity and quality of fluid and exudates



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